Agribusiness Project in Serbia


Project Description

Agribusiness Project in Serbia, funded by the USAID

IT Consultancy, Proposal for implementation of the Risk analysis and Risk Management system for Phytosanitary Inspection

Beneficiary/ Beneficiaries General Inspectorate of Ministry of agriculture, forestry and water management of the Republic of Serbia, Phytosanitary Inspection
Description Detailed

The goal of the USAID Agribusiness Project is to increase the value of Serbian agricultural product sales and to increase employment in the agricultural sector.

This will be achieved by increasing the efficiency and competitiveness of environmentally responsible agribusiness enterprises in the identified sectors and by helping these enterprises take advantage of emerging opportunities in domestic, regional and international markets. Assistance geared towards the identified six sub-sectors is complemented by efforts to help improve the overall enabling environment for agribusiness in Serbia.

The USAID Agribusiness Project sphere of activity is guided by two principal components:

Increasing Efficiency and Competitiveness of Serbian Agribusiness by:

  • Strengthening Producer Organizations (Cooperatives and Associations)
  • Providing technical assistance and training to producers, processors, wholesalers
  • Improving Agribusiness Development Service Delivery
  • Encouraging youth involvement in agribusiness
  • Developing women entrepreneurship
  • Enabling access to new markets and increasing export sales
  • Ensuring environmental compliance

Improving the Enabling Environment for Serbian Agribusiness by:

    • Improving livestock and crop production estimates and planning
    • Developing market price information systems
    • Improving animal and plant health and food safety
    • Improving compliance with International Standards
    • Improving the dissemination of agricultural information
    • Mobilizing legislative, policy and regulatory reforms

The Project is designed to assist enterprises along the value chain (producers, processors, wholesalers, retailers); producer organizations (cooperatives and associations) and agriculture development service providers. The Project works with both public and private institutions.
The Project provides technical support and financial grants.

  • Business process analysis of the Phytosanitary Inspection;
  • Information Technology assessment and GAP analysis;
Proposal for implementation of the Risk Analysis and Risk Management System for the purposes of the General Inspectorate of Ministry of agriculture, forestry and water management of the Republic of Serbia, Phytosanitary Inspection.

Project Details

  • LocationSerbia
  • Main Contractor/ PartnerDevelopment Alternatives International (DAI), USA
  • TimelineJune 2010 – September 2010
  • StatusFinished